The Little Mermaid

For The Little Mermaid on Broadway, I worked on the team that developed Ursula's tentacles.  We began with four prototypes using diverse construction techniques and materials.  The design team selected the prototype with graduating pieces accordian stitched and suspended on a wire substructure.  The final set of tentacles that went into performance used 895 laser cut pieces.

Second mockup of Tentacles

I also developed several of the large fish headdresses used in the Under the Sea number.  The bases were sculpted with steel wire and then skinned with net and handpainted fabrics. 

Angelfish Headdress - 1st mockup
Blowfish Headdress - 1st mockup

Eel Headdress

Costume Designer, Tatiana Noginova, wanted the Eel headdress to undulate as the performer moved across the stage.  I built hinges into each of the sections 
so that it could articulate left and right.