Role- Designer / Artist

Oceanus is a collaboration between GL Associates and 
Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology Center to design 
interactive content for the 2012 World Expo in Yeosu, Korea

Our mission was to design a large-scale interactive experience for the Expo's Digital Gallery.  T This corridor street is the main entrance to the World Expo site.  Our interactive content will be displayed upon the LED canopy ceiling spanning it's length.  
We pitched 17 ideas.
The project is still in progress.

The team in Yeosu, Korea

The Expo site under construction

One of our concepts, "The Magic Sphere" utilizes a ground-level bench that has a touch sensitive dome. When a guest approaches the dome and places their hand on it, they trigger bubbles above them on the LED canopy ceiling. 

Here is an animation I developed to convey The Magic Sphere concept to our client: 

I felt 3D animation was the best way to convey our idea, so I taught myself Autodesk's Maya.  Here is the process in which I developed the animation: